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Where Adversity Meets Resilience.


RN, Behavioural Health Specialist, Certified Parenting Coach, Author 

Meet Dyan

Dyan Eybergen is a wellness brand that inspires individuals to live an intentional life full of

purpose, authenticity, and connection.

Through storytelling, the sharing of human experience, knowledge and resources, Dyan cultivates resilience to strengthen the collective resolve.


Keynotes & Workshops

Dyan leads highly immersive keynotes and workshops on a variety of topics such as healthy child development, mental health, mindfulness, self-care, wellness in the workplace, and more. Some of Dyan's most requested topics include...


Where Adversity Meets Resilience

Video Series

Timeless animated video content that serves both to entertain and to educate.


Wellness Retreats

Unique retreats designed to evoke a sense of wellness and provide participants with self-care tools to take home with them.

The Parenting Book Your Child Wants You to Read

cover of parenting book out of the mouths of babes parenting from a child's perspective by dyan eybergen rn

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