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Lego® Serious Play Workshops (LSP)

A play-based problem solving and communication technique for helping groups be more effective! Participants build 3-dimensional models using LEGO® bricks in response to questions on individual identity, group/team identity, connections to other team/group members, and successful team/group behaviour.


Once a model is built, participants give it meaning and create stories around the model. The culmination of this process is the development of a set of guiding principles that allows a group/team to evaluate existing options and identify new ones, even when faced with tight constraints, complex situations, and unfamiliar territory.

LSP draws upon extensive research from the fields of business, psychology, organization development and education.

LSP distinguishes itself as a:

  • Remarkably efficient tool. By having participants make use of multiple intelligences—visual-spatial intelligence, linguistic intelligence, and bodily-kinesthetic intelligence—groups discover what they didn’t know they knew in a very direct manner.

  • Method for developing fresh insights into tough issues through the use of metaphor.

  • Tool that produces deep and sustainable results.

  • Tool that works to integrate social, cognitive, and emotional dimensions into group exercises.

  • Tool that is particularly adept at leveling the playing field so that the power of a group’s diverse resources and competencies can be realized.

  • Means for revealing complex human systems so that teams know the landscape and are better prepared for the future.

  • Way of productively addressing tough conflicts in organizations.



"This was literally the best workshop I have ever been to!"

─ Adoptive parent participant Caregiver Conference: Children & Youth Services, Specialized Services supports

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