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Eagle's Message

The tree's limbs wearing white gloves of snow

The sun crystalizes the shadows of doubt

I look to the East to remind me

Where I came from and what I'm about

The ice beneath my feet threatens to unhinge me

Steady I walk at a determined pace

I set my jaw in strength of my defiance

Slow and steady I move toward Grace

Forgiveness flows upon the open water

I cleanse myself with the touch of the stream

I watch as my fear floats behind me

Giving way to a new fearless dream

Easy does it is the call of the Eagle

warning not to force it to my desire

The sun warm on my back gives me comfort

The Eagle soars out of sight even higher

With the last glimpse of it's wing turning Eastward

My mind settles on nothing to be done

I walk with what the Universe has shown me

Be still and the answers will come

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